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Who can participate in a clinical trial?

This could be healthy volunteers or patients with a specific disease or medical condition. Clinical trials work with inclusion criteria and exclusion criteria that clearly define the groups that can and cannot participate in a study. Such criteria can be gender, age and current health status, as well as certain heredity, past medical conditions or specific complaints. Participation is completely voluntary after the signature of an Informed Consent. The selection itself is carried out by the principal investigators, who are necessarily medical persons.

Do I need to have a diagnosis to participate in a trial?

It is sufficient to have symptoms and complaints that meet the criteria for inclusion in the relevant clinical trial. You also need to provide all outpatient notes and medical records (if available) of your current condition. If necessary, additional tests and examinations with specialists will be scheduled before the official start of the clinical study.

Is it free to enroll in a clinical trial?

All clinical trials, including those for innovative medicines for serious and rare diseases that are not yet registered for use, are absolutely cost- free for volunteers.

Can I get money from testing medications?

Participation in clinical trials of drugs is paid only to healthy volunteers who have no complaints and all laboratory tests and imaging classify them as clinically healthy. Payment in these cases is determined by the pharmaceutical company commissioning the trial.

Are clinical trials safe?

Medication trials receive explicit approval from the Bulgarian Drug Agency (BDA). Participants are very carefully selected by medical professionals based on precise inclusion and exclusion criteria linked to their health condition. All complaints, adverse reactions and side effects reported by participants are recorded in the medical records, and anyone who is uncomfortable (even psychologically) can be removed from the trial if necessary. This patient right is described and explained in detail in the "Informed Consent" that everyone signs before the start of each study. In addition, only products that have previously proven their safety in tests beforehand make it to the final phases of clinical trials (with human involvement).

Why should I participate?

First and foremost, volunteers receive high- quality care from the best medical professionals in the industry. Patients with serious and incurable illnesses receive access to the most advanced and innovative therapies for their condition, which in some cases are the last and only option for continuing life. Others have the chance to tackle a persistent health problem completely free of charge and contribute to the advancement of medical science and pharmacy.

Can I stop the trial at any time?

Yes, all volunteers have the full right to withdraw at any time from participation in the study, even if their motives are of a moral nature or of a purely psychological nature, unrelated to their physical condition and the specific effect of the therapy being experienced. This patient right is described and explained in detail in the Informed Consent, which all patients sign before the start of any trial.