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Medical Center Excelsior with an international certificate for treatment of urticaria

Excelsior Medical Center is now the first center in Bulgaria certified for urticaria therapy. It has received an international certificate from the Global Allergy and Asthma European Network (GA2LEN), which certifies that the medical center meets all European criteria for the therapy of the skin disease.

The certificate is part of an international project for the development, collaboration and accreditation of centres of excellence in different fields of allergic diseases UCARE (Urticaria Centres of Reference and Excellence), recently launched by the global GA2LEN network. Urticaria is the first area on which the project is focusing, and so far a collaborative effort has established a network of 94 licensed medical centres worldwide. Of these, 46 are located in Europe and the only recognised one in Bulgaria is Excelsior Medical Centre.

In order to obtain the prestigious certificate, centres must prove that they meet 32 criteria, which are assessed during an audit visit. Not only are they required to have the necessary specialists and equipment, but they must also demonstrate that they are engaged in research, that they are applying modern treatment methods with achieved specific results, that they exchange information with other centres around the world and that they maintain an active relationship with their patients. In doing so, the GA²LEN UCAREs project seeks not only to create excellence in the treatment of urticaria, but also to increase the understanding of the disease’s therapy through research on a global scale. It is also creating a unique global network of urticaria specialists that could harmonise and improve the management of the disease worldwide.

What kind of a problem is urticaria?

Urticaria, better known in this country as ‘hives’, is a common and debilitating condition. It is a real challenge for both patients and treating physicians, especially in chronic diseases. It is expressed by a suddenly appearing rash with redness and severe itching, most often triggered by an allergic reaction. Among the allergic factors that provoke the condition are various foods, medications, viruses, bacteria and fungal infections, insect bites (wasps, bees, spiders, fleas, etc.), as well as inhalation of respirable allergens (pollen, house dust, down, perfumes, etc.). Rashes can also be triggered by various comorbidities (diseases of the intestines, kidneys, liver, endocrine or nervous system) or by adverse external factors such as cold, sun, water, heat, ultraviolet radiation, etc. It is estimated that about 20% of the earth’s population has suffered from urticaria at least once in their lifetime.

The itchy patches are relatively large (1-2 cm), resemble a sting from nettles and are therefore called “urticaria” – from the Latin name of nettle “Urtica Urens”. They vary in shape and size and appear in different places on the body, having the tendency to move. When the bumps affect the mouth, tongue, bronchi or throat, the swelling of the mucous membranes is greater and there is a danger of suffocation. Often the temperature of the body is elevated, and chills also appear, for which reason the people have called the disease “Nettle fever.”

The acute form of urticaria usually begins quickly and unexpectedly, but if the itchy spots persist for more than two months, despite the treatment applied, it is said to be a chronic form of the disease.

Diagnosis is made by a dermatologist, and treatment is necessarily consulted and prescribed by a specialist.

For more information

You can address your questions to the experts of Medical Center “Excelsior” at tel. 0700 20 181 (at the price of your mobile operator) every working day from 8:00 to 18:00. Or visit us in person at our address.

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